Nicotine gum for 19  years

Discussion created by okrafeet on Mar 8, 2009
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Hey all my fellow friends of Bill W. I quit smoking 19 years ago but got hooked on the gum. Talk about expensive when I had to get a prescription first. I'd actually go to different stores to buy the gum. Typical addict behavior. When the cashier would ask 'so, how's it going with the gum?'

Let's say this was about 15 years into it. I'd say, 'well, so far so good' but feel a little guilty. Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras day) I ran out of gum. After getting on the patch to get off the gum a few years ago....that was a joke...I decided not to buy anymore and work the program on this addiction.

Alcohol, drugs can and will get me in trouble. Second hand smoke is bad for others. But the gum didn't hurt anyone but me. It's amazing how different some of the steps sound now. I'm really having to work the program for myself....not the law, family or friends.

I didn't have physical cravings and that I DON'T understand. The week after the nicotine was out of my body I had trouble sleeping but that's no longer a problem. I am having some mental obsessions. I read where nicotine creates pathways through our neurotransmitters in the brain and those have to be closed.

I've barely mentioned it at a meeting because I don't encourage any newcomers to give up smoking until they have good sobriety. One thing at a time. I am so happy that none of our groups are smoking anymore.

For 25 years I've had trouble defining a higher power. I pray to whatever particle that has power over my life and can help. I've stayed sober and so far, nicotine free....forgot the days...less than a month. I don't plan to keep track. I'm just happy and wish all of you luck.