Ex-Heroin Addict Not Taking Quitting Cigs Seriously

Discussion created by srmissouri on Jul 8, 2010

Perhaps it's because I'm young but it's been very hard for me to take quitting smoking seriously.  I realize all of the health problems that result from smoking, and if I didn't my mom wouldn't remind me anyway, and the typical reasons people use to quit smoking but I just can't quite jive with what they are saying.  The biggest thing that's helped me is the money I save as a result of smoking less.  I recently started using the patch, I have flexible medical spending at work so it's ultimately free, and that has helped me cut my smoking in half but I'm now on the last step and the whole idea of 'quitting' is freaking me out.  I haven't smoked for that long, a couple of years, but I really do enjoy it.  The idea of 'cutting back' is much easier for me to take.  Surprise right?  Still, I'm at this site and I started using the patch because I would like to not be so reliant on something to get me going everyday.  Let me qualify this by saying that I'm also a past heroin addict and am currently using methadone...I've tapered my dose from 200mg to currently 27mg...and can't wait to be done with that.  I basically chose two of the most addictive drugs to bring into my life about 5 years ago and am trying to remove them today.  After quitting heroin I honestly just wasn't taking quitting cigarettes that seriously.  I've gotten better regarding this but am still smoking today....not a lot but enough...10 cigarettes or less a day.  Basically I'm writing this looking for advice and, it helps to vent.  I've started a blog regarding my quitting drugs and that has helped immensely as well (Confessions of a Partially Reformed Sinner).  Please if anyone out there can help me please please do so....



Thank You