Triggers and husbands and quitting, oh my!!!!

Discussion created by zoe-stardust on Aug 20, 2008
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I have been a smoker for 17 years, I started when I was 13. I have tried to quit several times and only successfully quit when I was pregnant with my son. During my whole pregnancy, I couldn't wait to have that first puff... and I did, the second I was discharged from the hospital. I never smoke in the house or around my son, which I thought would aid me in cutting down... it hasn't... I've just gotten a lot tanner.

This is my first week, again. I really wanted to try Chantix this time, but unfortunately, my insurance company doesn't cover ANY quit plan (meds, patch, counseling), unless it is a medical necessity... I know, I know, even the insurance rep on the phone laughed. So, it looks as though I will be going it alone... well, hopefully with some help from this forum.

I have been trying to find the reason why I have always failed when trying to quit. I am beginning to see a pattern, a definite trigger for me and why I always go back to smoking. Finally, now I can take care of this nuisance that keeps triggering me to smoke, oh wait... it's my husband. As of lately, he has attempted to quit smoking as well and it's usually me who gives in before he does. I'm pretty sure I am a trigger for him as well. Smoking is one of my favorite things to do with him, it feels like a break, a pause button for my life. We smoke together before he leaves for work, when he gets home from work, with our morning coffee and after our nighttime, um, snuggle. It's the only time I feel relaxed. Now every time I see my husband, I feel anxious and angry. We have been fighting every time we see each other. I don't know what to do... quitting isn't worth ruining my marriage over, I know it sounds dramatic, but this happens every time, that it is really starting to worry me (plus it seems to get worse with every attempt). I really want to quit smoking, but I am scared that I will smoke again with all the stress of fighting.