Chantix...Does it work??

Discussion created by arkansasgyrl on Jul 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2008 by barb12
Ok.... Hello all, First let me start by telling you I'm Angie, and I have been thinking about quitting for a long time but the withdraw gets me after just meer hours!!! :( I have only smoked for about 7 years wow that long suprising when I read that but I have always hated smoking and all that it entails... the smell the stench that gets in your furniture clothes hair...ect... anyhow ... I have been considering this, and well Today I went to my Doctor who had that **** eating grin on his face that made me think uh this may be a bit harder than I thought! Anyhow He was gave advice and Chatix which I will hopefully start tomorrow...I would like to know if you still have withdraw symptoms with the Chantix...? I am ashamed to say I have had addiction in the past, but in all my trials this is the hardest thing I have ever done..!! I never had craving and w/d symptoms so fast in my life and its a bit frightning!! So, any advice for a first timer would be greatly appreciated.. dayum I feel like Im in some kind of Thank You!