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Hi guys, my name is Carrie and this is my second day on this website and my first group (yay-thanks edith!) You guys all seem like very distracting people-and I mean that in the nicest way possible ;) haha. I am on day six of going cold turkey after 10+ years of smoking. I'm feeling pretty darn good right at this moment, but the days seem to be getting harder.

So, I'm trying to keep to my distractions. If anyone is needs ideas for new hobbies, I have a few. Yoga has been great for the last week! I've been doing it each day now and it totally strengthens my focus. Plus the breathing does the body great!

I have also started crocheting, which I used to do when I was younger. OMG I have made 2 scarves, a hat, and half of a queen size blanket already! Pretty soon my house is going to be covered in yarn! But it keeps my hands busy, that's for sure.

Plus, winter quarter just started. So homework, I think, will be good and bad. Good because it gives me something to focus on. But bad because I used to smoke and do my homework at the same time. But....we will see how that goes!
Thanks guys! Good luck to you all!