OMG, Have you heard Chantix causes

Discussion created by misplaced-texan on Jun 29, 2008
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Global warming, it made someone let the dogs out, it made people who were already mentally unstable, mentally unstable. People who took Chantix got depressed, either before, during, or after taking Chantix. People who thought about taking Chantix had all the same symptoms. Chantix caused street racing, a recent rash of UFO sightings in Area 51, the fall of Hillary Clinton, the rise of Barrack Obama, and High oil/gas prices. The reason I post this is simple. If you want information on Chantix, read the drug makers web site, and the FDA web site. If you do not know how to interpret the information, ask and I'm sure one of the experts on here will tell you exactly how to find 100% reliable information from the news media. I am so tired of every idiot who quit smoking and has more time on thier hands to do nothing but read news stories and then post follow up crap in these blogs bitching about chantix, wellbutrin and everything else. If you have mental health issues, guess what? ANYTHING can make them worse. Don't talk to me about this, yes I am in the medical field, yes I deal with multiple medical profesionals but I will not get in a battle of wits with some of these seriously unarmed people on this website. Just me bitching about the so called, and of course 100% accurate information people post on the web. BTW, nuclear winter would fix global warming, but I think Chantix will probably be blamed for the fall out. Please, if you want to leave a comment, leave it on my page, I will not be following this.