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Discussion created by Breakinthechains on May 7, 2010
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I am asking two things if you are a member of this group. Number one, how long have you been using this site, and number 2, how long have you been quit? I know a good number of people, as I have been on the site for a while, but we have had a lot of new people sign up lately, so I am just looking for this basic info. It helps to know  this information because it is easier to understand what someone is going through if we know where  you are in your quit. For example, a person on day 4 is going to need more support than someone who has been quit for six months. I try to spend more time talking with the new people, this information would be a big help. If you don't want to share this info that's fine, it would just make things a bit easier is all. Thanks and have a great smoke-free day.