Avoiding Second Hand Smoke

Discussion created by ryan11 on May 11, 2008
Sounds like some people have it really bad. Living with smokers who can't step outside or smoke in one place to help a quitter/ ex stay nicotine free. Restaurants are another place I have to compromise. My brother, his friends, my g/f, and me all went out a couple weeks ago. Smoking or not? Well everyone beside me smokes so of course I go with smoking. A couple martinis with a couple chain smokers and it got old, but what can I do? I could leave, but how rude. I work with all smokers. For a while I'd take a break with them, just chewing gum, to keep up. I can't do it anymore. It smells so bad and I've been coughing again. I haven't had a cigarette, but I still have to get away from the second hand! The more I'm around the smokers, the more I think about smoking, even when I'm not around them...