Ready to quit now....again

Discussion created by no-willpower-mamma on May 15, 2008
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You are all going to hate me, but I am actually 19 weeks pregnant today. I had my Ultrasound yesterday and actually saw the baby for the first time. Its a boy!!! I already have a 5 year old daughter, and I smoked through that pregnancy. It was basically the same situation as I am in now. I wanted to quit every day, and didnt.. I ended up just hiding from the world every time I had a cigarette, and hated myself for not being strong enough to just do it. I guess, Im not sure If I can be a non-smoker. I have been smoking for 14 years. Im 29 years old, so I dont need to say- that smoking is a big part of my life. I dont know if I can cope without a cigarette. Its too easy to go buy a pack, and its so hard to say no. All my friends smoke, and they are always around. I am a busy mom with sports, and playdates etc. so there is always an excuse to say, I will just quit tomorrow because todays not a good day for me. But I just want to do it... NOW. Im sick of smoking. I have 2 cigarettes left, and I want those to be my last. Any thing I can do? I can ususally last about 3-4 hours- Than I start to lose my mind. I cant take any medication either. Please help! I know you're all in the same situation, so I hope I can get some advise from someone...