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Discussion created by grandpamike on Jan 11, 2013
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First off I am Mike. I think it would be good to keep a record of how each of us are doing on chantix/champix during our quit. I wish that I had kept a daily log from day one even though a lot of days were uneventful. Today while writing this I am 71 days nicotine free. I had set my quit date for November 1st 2012 and started taking chantix. I smoked my last cigarette on December 31st around 11:00 pm and have not touched one since. My daily coughing fits that I had suffered from for years stopped completely with in just a few days of not smoking. On the seventh day of my quit, November 7th 2012 I suffered a heart attack. Most likely this was due to me smoking for 42 years. I was having very few urges to smoke, even when in pain from the heart attack. The doctor would have told me to quit if I had still been smoking.


Reflecting back, I have had none of the side effects from the medication. I sleep good at night, I am not depressed, no weird dreams, and I am not suicidal. In fact, I feel better than I have in years. I laugh more, and I mean laugh. I don’t know if this is from being nicotine free or from having survived from the heart attack.


I am going to try to write down any experiences I have, even after I quit taking the medication. Then hopefully others can learn from my experiences and know what to expect. If all members will do the same then maybe someday it will help at least one person.