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Discussion created by rebelum on Jun 1, 2008
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I wasn't sure which group to join. I am not a mother yet, hoping to get pregnant soon. I wanted to quit before I got pregnant because I knew it would be easier to do it before I got pregnant.

So, I started Chantix on my 30th bday back in October with great success, or so I thought. After the first few weeks of Chantix, I couldn't stand the smell of a cigarette. My husband was still smoking and he was a great supporter of me quitting. After the second month, I was forgetting to take the pills so I stopped taking them. In Janurary, my husband quit and was doing great for about 3 months! I was so proud of him. Then he says that he started having thoughts of suicide and quit taking them.

Around April I guess, my husband and I got into a huge fight and I bought my first pack since October. I thought that I am a "grown woman and can have a smoke when I need one". Well, now we are both back smoking all the time.

I feel so ashamed. No one at work knows that I am smoking again nor do my parents. Everyone was so proud of me that I quit. That's all my mother talks about. I feel like I have let everyone down including myself. And now I don't get the same support from my husband. I think that he feels guilty for starting again and doesn't feel like he can tell me that I don't need one when he has one in his mouth.

I don't smoke at work at all. I find myself smoking more when I am at home with nothing to do.

I have picked 6/16 as my quit day. But I am gonna have to do it cold turkey. My doc says that I can't take the chantix while trying to get pregnant. I still have the Chantix in the medicine cabinet somedays I am really tempted to take them.

This is me and my story. Sorry if it was a little long. Any advice on the cold turkey thing would be greatly appreicated!