what do you do in this situation?

Discussion created by niss2u on Sep 2, 2008
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You probably wonder why i have already tried to quit 12 times and not suceeded. well my living situation doesnt help. The guy i live with for now (my ex) will sometimes go light his cigarette up in the kitchen, then walk to his bedroom and smoke it there. His bedroom is like just over a metre past mine so when i wake up in the morning and walk in the hallway, i smell cigarette smoke that has escaped from under the crack in the door. Ive told him a lot of times before that im really serious about quitting, sometimes he will smoke outside and that will last a few days, but then he will get lazy and go back to doing it in his bedroom. We also do shopping together and when i go in the car with him (his car) he will light up when im in the car and i will say, i wish you wouldnt do that, you make it hard on me, he says, ive got the window open, none of its coming in the car. It just makes things so darn hard for me when he does this. When he gave up a few months ago, i smoked outside every time i wanted one, I respected him, now i just wish he would do the same for me. other than this we get along as friends just fine. I am moving from the house in about 6 weeks, but for now i have to stay until we make settlements with the house as we prepare to seperate. He always talks about giving up, but never does it. i have a rubber band and ping it when i get the urge, but it seems all the posatives i do to try to stop smoking are extra hard because of the smell of my ex smoking.