This morning was rough

Discussion created by jessica-arnold on May 27, 2008
Today was my first day of trying to seperate myself from my triggers and it is tough. I have been smoking for 19 years now and it is so much a part of everything I do that waiting just ten minutes after I woke up this morning was really hard to do. I usually get up, get my kids up, go down stairs and get my cigarettes, every morning for as long as I can remember. I am such a creature of habit and not having that cigarette in my hands while I was doing my morning routine was not only physically hard but I felt akward maybe or just like something was off. Kinda like when you don't have your wedding ring on and you feel naked. But I made it and now I am trying to keep myself from smoking at the computer like I usually do so I dedcided to come here and share instead. Thanks for the support and good luck to you all with the rest of your day.