How do you think Groups should work on new community?

Discussion created by Mark Employee on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by ShawnP

We have 634 groups that need some consolidation and organization. I'm currently going through and attempting to categorize them and determine what is what.

There are some groups that were created but have no content in them. Overall, we want groups to be valuable and purposeful. Currently they are hard to follow and find but there are other community platforms that are more successful at utilizing groups.

There is an opportunity for meaningful conversations to happen in these groups and I'd like to get your thoughts on how to revitalize it.

They could get people together in regions, activity groups, by age group, by quit method, by month of the year, special interest, marital status, occupation, misc. (Motivation, daily quote, sound off, funny story etc.) to name a few.

Membership would be open to member run groups unless there was a very specific reason for it to be closed.

New groups would go to through an application process to flush out the purpose of the group, set standards/best practices, discuss configuration, etc. so that we don't end up with a whole bunch of groups that don't add a lot of value to the members.