Trying to get up the courage to stop.

Discussion created by shelly9 on Apr 21, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2008 by danielle29
It feels like a crutch. Bad day at work, a smoke will help! Bad talk with a family member/friend, a smoke will help! Stressed from all kinds of paper work? A smoke will help! That seems to be my mindset. I'm working on the family and friends one, taking a step back before I actually get to the point of the "I need a smoke" point. I know i cant change my job, and I cant change the amount of paper work i have to do. So i need something else. Gum isn't helping, going out for a walk cuts the urge for a while. But i just can't take that last step to throw out any lighters/ash trays, anything cig wise. I'm sort of iffy on the whole pill/patch thing. I've heard some give you crazy nightmares. Does anyone have any tips? Anything you've done to sort of help? *besides water, i drink a lot of water everyday anyways lol* Thank you for any support/help!