How to hog tie my misery.

Discussion created by patricia6 on Oct 16, 2009
The biggest triggers I have are how bad I feel. I do feel bad too. I have made time between my Oct ! quit date and today, but the fact is I feel bad so bad sometimes and THat is when I feel the scare. I am doing the things that help me feel good now, when I feel bad, and each time I do that another moment goes by and then I have something take my attention and I am distracted until the next time. I feel lonily. I have to avoid my friends and my need to get this new life of mine constant means those friends are now not who I visit with or who visit me. I can talk on the phone with them only. My rule. I feel unstable. I can not risk anything right now as my commitment to this change is that most important center of what is important that I am doing. I hope that I get confident. But is I do not, then I want to be careful and succeed at this first.