I am thinking that nicotine gum may be best...

Discussion created by william3 on Jun 20, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2008 by John-C.
I am still in my first few days of tracking my cigarette usage in regards to what I am doing. But I have looked over alot of the "EX" site and I feel I may need some assistance when it comes to staying off Cigs in the first 10 or so days. I would rather be prepared and have the gum in my pocket when a craving or irrational mood hits than to have just my mind to rely on, Lets face it my mind is going to say, "Have just one more, why put yourself through this".
The reason I am thinking gumis the best choice for me is i can carry it and only use it when it is necesary. There are Lozenges, of course, but I am afraid they will melt in my pocket in the summer weather.
I wouldlike to here about others experiences with gum.