Teach your children about the dangers of smoking

Discussion created by krissy2 on Sep 23, 2008
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I've always loved to sing, it's was my dream to be singer one day. I sang in the school chorus up to the 7th grade, by then I had already started smoking.
When I changed schools I was no longer able to be in the chorus and I just gave up on my dream. Well, I was discussing this with my sister and I said, "If I would have never started smoking I would probably be still singing right now." My son overheard this and said, "Mommy I want you to stop smoking so you can be a singer like Beyonce and we can be rich!" Well, I'm no Beyonce but I can still hum a tune, it's hard to hold some notes though being that I can hardly breathe. The one thing that my son made me realize it that I probably would have gone on to do great things with my singing had I not started smoking. It also made me realize that as parents we need to pay more attention to what we let our kids see and pay attention to what they do. I was 11yrs old when I started smoking and my mother didn't have a clue, I picked up a poisonous habit at a very young age that I've been dealing with for 16yrs and it has affected my life in an unhealthy way. I'm trying so hard to quit so that my son does not have to grow up with the same visual I had as a kid. Make sure it doesn't happen to yours.