How affirmations work!

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Affirmations are NOT the same as willpower. Setting up your willpower against a chemically altered brain is the same as setting up a title match between..

   Pee Wee Herman
Hulk Hogan
   Addiction begins with choosing to use, recovery begins the same way --  choose to quit . Addicts must take responsibility for their recovery. Own it. Having a self-inflicted brain disease does not absolve you of your behaviour. What is important is   dealing with the compulsion , the craving, that happens even when you know you're going to destroy yourself.

Can affirmations help? Yes, they can. Science is proving that when you change your mind, your brain physically changes too.


Addiction exists totally in your mind -- it is the result of your thoughts, compounded by altered brain chemistry and nothing else. To begin to overcome the cravings of addiction you absolutely must change your thoughts.

The fastest and most effective method to change your thoughts is by using affirmations. 

“Affirmation” is a declaration that something is true. Write or speak out loud positive affirmations about yourself, your life and your dreams. Identify general affirmations as well as specific. Reciting affirmations requires practice. Keep it up, muttering to yourself throughout the day if need be, and you will see a release of tension and anxiety while calm and confidence gradually floods your life giving you a positive attitude. Always remember: you are worth it!