My Trigger(s)

Discussion created by jeannie6 on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by jennie3
Hi everyone. I'm Jeannie and new to the site and longing to become an ex. I have not yet quit, but I have really cut-down. I used to have to have that morning cigarette but finally gave it up. Then I just had to have that lunch cigarette, but that required trying to find a spot to hide so that my new co-workers wouldn't know that I smoked. The stress of possibly being spotted made that lunchtime smoke more stressful than anything, so that stopped. I now have my first of several cigarettes when I get home after work. I smoke maybe one pack in three days, instead of a pack a day. That's a good start, but it's the END of smoking that I yearn for - but it's so hard.

My trigger is - anywhere outside! I have not smoked indoors for at least two years, but if I go to a pub or restaurant - they just have to have a patio where I can sit out and smoke - or I won't go there. Also, sitting out on my own patio reading a book is a trigger. It's crazy but what triggers my desire to smoke is to go out for some fresh air! Go figure. I want to become better acquainted with new friends, but they are all non-smokers, so I cancel the invitations so that I can go relax with a cigarette. It's ridiculous! Has anyone else been trashing their social life in favor of smoking?