Day 20 coming

Discussion created by r0c on Aug 23, 2008
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Today is day 19, it has been a rough week and the weekends are much harder for me as I am totally alone in this house. Lucky me I was able to work today so that helped very much. Why is it that the cravings are worse now than when I first started. I pretty much went cold turkey, started taking the chantix the same day that I threw my cigs away. This is the third time I have tried this and seems to be workings as I have stuck with it longer than before with no cheating. I see that people are having sweats, I thought it was just my menapause... now I am wondering. I am not getting upset stomach so at least there is that. I think the only thing keeping me going is this web site, I come home from work, take my pill,, eat, and check out all the new postings. Good luck and way to go to all the other quitters,

19 day 4 hrs.
savings $100