Quitting sooner

Discussion created by angela6 on Dec 31, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2009 by edith2
Okay, so this morning as I wasted another $3.20 on a pack of cigarettes I thought to myself why set a date of January 12th to quit smoking, why not do it sooner. So in the morning I will throw away what cigarettes I have left out of this pack, clean out my car so it doesn't smell so bad, go to Cracker Barrel & buy peppermint sticks and do it my way. No more smoking, I would love to wear the perfume my husband got me for Christmas and it last longer then an hour (cause we all know once you smoke any good smelling stuff you put on fades away). The only way I can do it on the first day to keep myself busy and lord knows I have plenty to do at home. My daughter will be so excited!