Discussion created by sdewitt on Oct 21, 2012

The date is 10/21/2012. I've had baby-fever for a while. Honestly, I think I caught the baby-bug when I was a teen, but the symptoms started when I got married in 2010. Recently, my husband and I have decided 2013 might be the year we start trying for a child- now I'm scared.

I smoke, I weigh 230 pounds, my cycles are a little unpredictable, my diet is a mess- my body is NOT ready to build a healthy child.

My goal for the remainder of 2012 is to make it ready.... I want to make the necessary changes to my lifestyle, and these are:

1. Quit Smoking

2. Get down to a healthier weight- or at least make substancial progress

3. Balance my diet

4. Build my Immune System

5. Get a Doctor's Clearance.


What are your goals? I find that sharing goals, and stories make each mile seem like a block on the long journey to reach them. Share! Share! Share!