quitting jan 2

Discussion created by suzanne3 on Dec 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2009 by enisa-becaj
nervous, excited, anxious....i really have to do it. i'm a year out of cancer and i can't believe that i haven't given up smoking yet. i'm actually mortified about it. the hospital we used asked me to be their poster child for semi younger people who contract cancer (i'm 45) and my picture is up all over town on billboards, in the mall, newspapers, magazines and they have an ad at the movies. i feel like such a hypocrite. all these people that recognize me now, i feel like if they saw me smoking....well, i;m sure you all get it. it has become so socially unacceptable...we are the pariahs of society now and i, for one am so tired of it. there's so much i need to get out, but it's new years eve and i have friends coming so i have to go cook. i'm sure i'll be here ALOT over the next few weeks. happy new year all!