You can breath! Tackling smokers lung, bathroom issues and calories

Discussion created by alison5 on Sep 10, 2008
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Having smoked for eight years now I find it harder and harder to breathe when I do....just about anything. I mean anything. I will find myself gasping while I am inhaling ice cream.
I am in my twenties and attended a gym for a short while where most of the members were old hippie Jews from my neighborhood and they were movin it while i gasping on the treadmill next to them, and i was thinking oi vey, I am pathetic.
I realized that I would do little stretching and then try to run on the treadmill. If I didn't focus on my breathing I would lose it and have to stop.
Then I decided to change it up. I would stretch a little more in the beginning. I got an I-pod nano, but a discman is still the truth...focus on your breathing. In through your nose out through your mouth.
Before I ran I began to go on the stationary bike for at least 15 minutes. This helped me more than ever! The bike loosened up my joints and was just enough to get me breathing harder but not as hard as running on the treadmill.
Learn different breathing methods.
Allow working out be a time to daydream or just think through different issues because if you are like me, finding yourself counting the seconds until your off the equipment, working out will always be an obligation and never enjoyable. Or you might need to only focus on your breathing and nothing else. Try either method.
Smoking may relieve stress and make it easy to go when you gotta go, but there are other ways!
Don't use laxatives or stool softeners...try Rainbowlite Everyday calcium. This can help with some bathroom issues which might occur while trying to quit.
Start counting calories. Not like some crazy girl from a teen movie, but just start to poke around at them a little more. It'll give you something to do and help you feel like you have control over your eating during a time where you feel like you have no control over anything. Today I ate 100 calories Hagandaz fruit and yogurt bar rather then a 300 calories nestle crunch bar.
Hope some of these were helpful tips and stories for anyone.
Please share your solutions to the problems that we find trying to not eat everything around us when we can't have that cigarette.