back from vacation...and so are craves

Discussion created by newlife5 on May 3, 2011
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back from vacation and hit hard with craves...well i am turning to this group to possibly give me some answers...i was on a 3 day cruise.. it was beautiful;...went to ensenada mexico..i noticed on the ship that smokers and non smokers do not mix...i stayed close to my nonsmoking sister and was able to get through the cruise without any slop ups..  i have a neice that went this same cruise  she does smoke and i hardly ever seen her...the smokers all stayed close to the limited area provided for smoking.... i did take my patches and could really tell when the patch wore out and needed to be replaced.. cause i would start going into withdrawl.. but i managed to stay smokefree the whole trip... yay... anyway... i was very proud of myself and when i returned home it hit me smack dab in the face  the strongest craves i had since quitting... im on my 7th day..was it the transition? the relaxation? (i was very tired from riding the bus for 11 hrs).. or was it memories .. i really dont know.. but i did manage to let it pass.. by reading bloggs and then going to bed i tossed and turned until i fell asleep but at least didnt cave in......that was yesterday.. today the craves still didnt leave..i feel them however not as strong as last night..lucky i have thrown out all cigarette butts and will be keeping busy so that i will stay on track... but any  input is welcome  i am really serious about keeping my quit this tiem... thanks