Copy and Paste Function

Discussion created by IrishRose on Mar 22, 2013

Did you see something that you would like to “copy” and “paste” somewhere else? This is how it is done.

· Find the passage you want.

· Place your cursor (that little icon that blinks before your eyes and moves along as you type), at the beginning of what you want to copy by left clicking once.

· Left click once, but do not release that click. Hold it down, and slide your mouse along to capture all that you want to copy. You will notice that as you glide your mouse to capture information, it will turn blue. All that which is highlighted in blue is what you will be copying. Release the left click when you have captured everything you want.

· Right click anywhere in that blue highlighted area for the toolbar, and right click on “copy”.

· Go to where you want to post the passage you copied.

· Right click for toolbar, and left click “paste”.

· The document you wanted should appear before your eyes.

Here are some cool designs you can practice your "copy and paste" function with.  Special thanks to Shawn for providing them for anyone to use.  I just love these little things...


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