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Adding a Count-Up Clock to Your “Page”

Question asked by IrishRose on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by Mark

Updated by Mark on  1/25/17: Since we've moved to a new community platform adding a personalized Quit Click isn't possible any longer however everyone has one on their profile now.  See my comment below on how to update yours.



· Go to...                          



· There are categories to choose from, so find the category you want, and left click once on that “category”.


· You can scroll down and see a number of pages which contain different count-up clocks on each page within the category you choose.


· When you find the count-up clock you like, under the clock, you will see where you can insert the date you quit smoking cancer sticks in the boxes provided. You can also type in the "brief description" box, such as.. since I quit, since I..., whatever you would like to personalize it with. This is a clock you can look at, and celebrate your success as a non-smoker. Others can see your success in strength to succeed as well.


· Now the next step is to left click once where it says “Click here to get code”.


· Next, you left click once in the box under “Blogger & other sites”, and the code in that box will turn blue. Right click once for your toolbar, and right click once on “copy”.


· Get out of that site completely, because you are finished there, and go back to the Become-An-Ex Village.


· Go to “My Page”.


· Under your avatar (photo), you will see “Edit Profile”. Left click once on “Edit Profile”, and you are in edit mode of your profile. Be careful in this mode, as you can lose stuff if you are not careful by accidentally deleting items you have been saving for long periods of time. Poof - when they are gone, they are gone, never to return, unless you use the back-up arrow, which may not work by then.


· Scroll down, and you will see “brief discussion”, “location”, etc.


· Left click once in the box of either “contact e-mail” or “website”. You can use either one of those two boxes, especially the “contact e-mail”, because you do not want to put any of your personal e-mail addresses out there. It’s not safe for your computer, i.e., viruses, spammers, etc.


· After you left click once in either box, you right click once for your toolbar, and then left click "paste" ONLY ONCE. If you click twice, you will end up with two clocks.


· Finally, you go to the red button that says “save”, and left click once.


· Now, check out your new clock, and enjoy your beautiful, smokefree journey through life!