I quit today and already feel great about my decision...

Discussion created by bean5 on Jul 6, 2011
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I am a 39 year old woman (and yes, lesbian-and involved with somebody) who has been smoking for 20 years and trying to quit for the last 10 years.  I quit today and already feel great about my decision.  I have beat lengthy cravings (which have been bearable thanks to nicotine gum--which I have found to be the best in comparison to the other methods I have tried: medication, cold-turkey, the patch, the E-Cigarette, and lozenges).  My girlfriend is an ex-smoker, and has definetly help motivate me to quit in the past, but this time it was ALL ME.  I think that is crucial--REALLY wanting to quit.  For me I just got so fed up with failing at quiting and so fed up of being a prisoner to cigarettes, that I decided to just "man up" and rip off the bandaid.  Like I mentioned I have tried to quit at least 7 other times, with success lasting no longer than 12 days.  The difference this time is not only do I really want this, but I also added regular morning workouts, changed my diet to one with less sugars and fats (which just gave me more energy, relaxed me, and helped me drop weight before I quit smoking), and I slowly introduced nicotine gum into my daily smoking routine in order to develop a "friendship" with the gum as I phased out my cigarettes for about 3 days.  I have noticed that  chewing the nicotine gum regularly is important as it just keeps the cravings away.  I found that in the past I would wait until I was in complete nicotine-withdrawal "freakout mode" before popping a piece of gum, and by then it was quite frankly too late--I wanted a cigarette or nothing else.  I also realize that cheating will only hurt my recovery and worse of all it will make me feel defeated--which is usually "green light" for me to start smoking again.  I am happy to find a "NON-SMOKING BUDDY" who is also a newbie to this and going through the same thing at relatively the same time.  If you are that someone or somebodies hit me up and feel free to add me to your "EX Friends".  Peace and good luck to all.