My story

Discussion created by paulie on Apr 21, 2008
I started smoking socially with my friends about 5 years ago. It started only as a social activity. The habit really picked up almost 2 years ago when my mom had three brain annuerisms. She was scheduled to have surgery on a tuesday, 2 days after the annuerisms ruptured. However my father freaked out so much he died of a heartattack in my mom's hospital room the day before her surgery. My mom is fine today. However with her in the hospital I had to take care of all the responsibilites, signing the death certificate, witnessing the body, become mom's power of attorney and plan the entire funeral and wake. During this time I became dangerously addicted to cigarrettes what started out as a social habbit turned into a two pack a day habbitt. I have been smoke free for a month and a half I am using the nicotine patch and so far it is working out perfectly just a few mood swings but my friends and family are so happy i quit they deal put up with the moods only for a little while. Congrats to all