21 yrs smoking, started at 13,  relearning adulthood as an EX-smoker- YIKES

Discussion created by julie46 on Apr 11, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2008 by katerina
Well, sad to say i started smoking when i was 13.. boredom, have tried a gazillion times to quit... the longest was six months.. during that time my husband and i split up.. more than likely because i was so hard to get along with.. the first week we were apart i started smoking again.. We are still together and happy, but still smoking as well.. Not too happy about that. I feel like i need to relearn how to live day to day since i have smoked all of my adult life.. Usually when i quit, i find myself steering clear of my hubby, that sort of defeats the purpose of marrying him... (you know, the whole till death do us part thing) Anybody have additional tips on how to coexist with those you love while quitting and relearning?