Discussion created by sheila12 on Sep 29, 2008
Today is day 31 for me!!! Yeah!!!
I am still on Chantix and I have a quick question----

I have not had but 2 bad dreams- altho I am dreaming and know that I am- I can not remember most of them.

Last night, I remember that in my dream- I am climbing these 4 little steps, altho it seemed like it took me forever. When I get all the way to the top finally- I am greeted by my sister who tells me that I smell like alcohol and cigarettes. I only drink once a year and have not smoked in 31 days
This morning when I woke up- my chest was SOOOOO congested. I felt like I had smoked a carton-- I have had to use my inhaler today and have not had to in weeks..... Does any one know have a clue??!!!
Thanks, Sheila