Kim's Reasons to Quit

Discussion created by kim52 on Jun 14, 2008
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My daughter is 11 years old and she really thinks that I can't quit. I don't want her to continue to believe that her mother is a slave to cigarettes. I have to quit to model for her the strength and courage she will need to survive in this difficult world. I have to show her that you can accomplish things when you set your mind to it. I also have to be more committed to providing her a safe, trustworthy environment. I don't smoke in the house, and I try to limit it in the car with her but still the evidence about second hand smoke is conclusive.. it's not healthy for her to be in an environment with a smoker and so I can't be a smoker anymore. I need the freedom from cigarettes. I'm tired of life revolving around little sticks of tobacco and lighters. Life is too short for that! There is too much to enjoy to limit it with smoking! I'm too old for this. It's my time.. I never thought I would smoke this long. I was so surprised when it was hard to quit. Now, I've tried and failed enough to know that I have to believe in myself and gather support to stay with it and not give up! A final reason is my dad. He's been told over and over again that he HAS to quit and he still hasn't. I have to encourage him to quit from a position of strength. Of knowing how hard it is but convincing him that it's worth it. I'm worried that he may never do it, if I don't quit soon! So that's a bunch of reasons. I can't wait to breathe easier and feel SO much better. My quit date is July 1st! I'll be FREE, FREE, FREE!