What's with the Dreams?

Discussion created by debbie60 on Jun 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2008 by evon-barker
Last year I quit for 6 months using Chantix but started up again around Xmas when the family was all around and smoking in my house. So now I am trying again and am at three days. I think it is harder this time. Everybody talks about enjoying the dreams. My Dr. said I would have vivid dreams but they would be be good dreams. Well they're not. I have horrible violent, scary nightmares and they stick with me a long time after I wake up. has anybody else experienced these?
By the way, when I quit using the Chantix the first time, I didn't have any side affects or moodiness. I guess everybody is different. I also got the nausea every single time I took it for the whole 3 months.