180 Days

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When I 1st quit, I was amazed that I had gotten through the first day. I would read on different forums and see people that were at 30, 60 or any # of days quit and be so in awe of them and their success. Now, when I look at my numbers I get chills when I think of not only what I have saved in the past 6 months, but disgust at how much I had spent in the past years.
My Quit Stats:
Since Tuesday, January 01, 2008, I've been nicotine free for:
180 Days, 10 Hours, 15 Minutes, 24 Seconds.
I have saved $2,151.47 by not smoking 8119 cigarettes.

Each day that passes, the craves get less intense and less frequent. I have very few anymore and the ones that I do get are really nothing more than a fleeting thought. For those of you who are just starting on this journey, you can do this. Have a positive attitude.
Practice working through the craves. Just like anything else you do, practice makes perfect. The more you practice something, the easier it gets. As your teachers always told you, practice, practice, practice .
Keep the Quit,