We are not quitters, we are WINNERS!!!!!

Discussion created by miss-pat on May 4, 2008
The term quitting also gives me the feeling of failure, that I was unable to accomplish something. I prefer to consider myself a winner in the battle against the cigarettes, and boy they can play some really nasty tricks on you to try to get you to lose.

These are some words from another web site, the original author is unknown

"If you smoke to day, you will be right back where you started....and where you started is wanting to be where you are today.
I'd rather be a non smoker with an occasional urge to smoke than a smoker with a constant urge to quit."

I had them printed out and taped all over the place in the beginning, along with repeating to myself, sometimes quite loudly, "Smoking is no longer an option".

Getting through the first few days is the hardest. Yell, dance, jump, walk,breath deep, drink lots of water....... whatever it takes to get past the crave. It won't last long. You can do it! It will get easier, but I know that I can never let my guard down,

Stay strong in your WIN,