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Yes my quit date was in March. I quit after my youngest daughter's birthday party. It was on the 15h so I guess the 16th is my quit date. I took Chantix for a few weeks. The dreams were awesome. I don't usually remember dreams, but these were so vivid and memorable, I could see missing having them.
I don't feel that the Chantix was really the thing that helped me as I didn't follow it correctly at all and I pretty much quit my saying "I don't need one right now" for a week, and then I threw away the half pack I had in my pocket and the full packs in the desk drawer.
You may or may not have read my own page, But I am trying to document my feelings fairly regularly. I'm not sure if that is for me or for the next guy who tries to quit, but somehow it is helping.
I made it past the three week mark, I think this it the one. Confidence is high, but I sure wish I would stop missing them.