After reading other people reasons for quitting

Discussion created by val_b on Jun 7, 2008
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I remeber not too long ago, I was remembering the first week I quit, I kept thinking I hope I can do this, but I change my mind to you don't want to smoke, so you are not going to. but still the mind kept remembering what i've done b4, so I just keep doing what Im doing and I will give my mind a new way of remembering things,

I was about a half of a hundred when I started smoking (30 years old), my mother would say that to me. "Girl you waited until you are almost a half of a hundred and start smoking what wrong with you." Its been over 15 years, it would had been 16 yrs on the 26th of this month. (thank God, thank God for this site). I had tried to quit off and on for 4 years, never going past 2 weeks. Went on Chantix for 10 days. Once I knew mentally that the nicotine was out of my system and I did not feel those withdrawal like going cold turkey right from the beginning it seem to me if I get some support I might can become a non smoker. I seen the tv ad got on line and started looking for reasons to stay quit, I got some wonderful support tools and other quitsmoking sites info, looked for support friend, and here I am today feeling healthier and happy. 45 days without a puff.