Suggestion to beat the urges, while in the restroom.

Discussion created by val_b on May 4, 2008
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You're not allowed to smoke in a rest room but who said you can't light a match? If anybody complains just tell them you're doing it to mask unpleasant odors. HA!

Or, change the habit. Take in a straw and suck on it. Straws really helped me in the beginning. Some might say it prolongs things, but it really helped me.

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that may help, I do drink my coffee in the bathroom at home in the mornings.


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I suck on hard candy when I just feel the need to do something with my mouth. Before you go back to work, if it really worries you, just try different things til you hit on a couple that are okay...things that work for you! Stay strong, Val, and take it a minute, an hour, a day at a time. You'll make it! Me too!

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This has been a difficult one for me too in more ways then one! I've been sucking on cinnamon sticks and playing games on my cell phone to try to relax while in the bathroom. That seems to help some.


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my favorite tip is putting something smelly under your nose during craves. I used something that smelled like Vics vapor rub and it seems to make the brain not think about the craves until they have lessoned or are gone ....

hope it might help you to....


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do crossword?! Buy yourself a little nintendo game boy (with all that money your saving), get a game like poker or sims or something and take it in with you now instead... The only limit to this suggestion is your imagination. KNIT, needlepoint, ANYTHING YOU have always wanted to do but didn't have time for because you were to busy smoking DO THAT INSTEAD.

THE TRICK is change the tune... your brain says... YOU DID SMOKE ALL THIS TIME WHILE you were in the restroom, now you have to SHOW YOUR brain your gonna do THIS (needlepoint, gameboy, crossword) and a couple times of changing the tune all its craves screaming at you to smoke are not gonna work anymore!!

CHANGE THE TUNE. brain says smoke, you tell brain no were gonna do crossword puzzles instead... IN NO TIME the brain likes your new ideas better anyways.


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11 days way to go val. I loved my straws, they helped calm me, I can't say enough about em, they feel like a smoke, you can inhale and tap them. the whole bit. I used em for months. congrats you are getting this done


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Way to go Val b, 11 days is a good thing believe it or not, I use a tooth pick not a straw but thats what helps me, I know you can do this I believe in you. You hang in there for we all can beat this together.


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Run in, do your thing, and run out fast !!!


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All of these suggestion I am going to try, even the get in and get out fast one, but I know I won't go buy a pack, so my brain just better get use to me getting help to outlast the urges. again thanks
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