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Welcome New Members:

We are all so glad you are here!!   We are a group of ExSmokers who come here to encourage, support, advise and just be here for each other.  We are all in different phases of our quits that range from day one to several years.  We have learned that one thing is needed to have a successful quit.  That is to educate yourself about your nicotine addiction.  Smoking is more than a habit, it is an addiction to a drug called nicotine. 

*Allen Carr’s Ebook, this book will be a great asset to you  Click here to download Allen Carr's Ebook   

*There is an online course which will help you.

*Check out this site and watch Joel’s videos

 Also, we have several members who’s pages offer a lot of good information. 

They are:

 Aztec   Ckoalaco   Maggie   Jonescarp

And many more.  As you are spending time on the site checkout different members pages and read their blogs.  You will learn so much. 

Stay close to this site, you will get lots of support and guidance.   Stay positive it will make all the difference in your quit.  And remember two things.  #1.  I don’t do that anymore.  #2. NOPE (Not One Puff Ever).

**Now come on over to the blogs, that is where we all hang out 24/7, the forums and groups are barely used, just click the word "Blogs" in blue at the top of the site.**  Post a blog and introduce yourself.  Also very important, fill out your about me section on your page, especially your quit date.   

The Ex Welcome Committee