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Discussion created by breathe-free on Apr 26, 2011
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I recently had about a weekend of feeling a "funk"....and I was getting ready to start something new in my life.   I didn't want to think it had anything to do with smoking or not smoking.   I drove to the building where I was going to start training...and right out front I see tables and chairs.....and I immediately think....well there is the smoking section.   I had some concern....I knew I have a deep resolve not to ever take one puff, but how would I feel?  

Well .....I started the training....and started enjoying learning and meeting the two woman I sit by in class....and the third the only smoker on my row has already quit the training.   I have not wanted to smoke....and you know those tables out front that my mind designated as the SMOKING SECTION.   We go out there at lunch and eat and I haven't seen anybody smoking.  

What I am learning is that I can do anything without smoking.   Not alot of people smoke like I always thought......I am so glad that I am not a smoker having to go outside on a new job and smelling bad when I return inside the building.  I know I will have emotional ups and downs....but as Guilia told me one quit can be my anchor and you know it is!!   Financially things have not improved......but physically, emotionally and spiritually they have since my quit...will I think eventually help with the other area.    I feel like a new person in new situations .....Yeah!!!!!

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