Discussion created by pamela on Feb 11, 2009
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I really don't know where to start. I was so prepared and so happy the I was going to be hitting one month without smoking., The thought of that made me "Big headed" I guess, I thought I have this thing beat. So when I said, "you can smoke one because you already have this beat. "Why didn't I realise this was the junkie? The warning sign??? I forgot all about my response to send him packing without his cigarette.
It is really hard to understand why I fell for that. I think what i did was get too Big headed in my quit.
My guard was down, ( I see why you tell me to never let it down. )

I feel so down today, Like I lost my best friend. My stomache hurts, my head is down, it is really upsetting me. Nothing I want to ever feel again, thats for sure!
It brings new meaning to " one is never enough" Thanks for reminding me that !!!

I did set a new quit date. Today at 6am. Feb 11th 2009 !!!