Smoke Free Since Nov. 22

Discussion created by pam42 on Dec 23, 2009
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I started Chantix last month, and have been smoke free since Nov. 22--I can't believe it.  I had the prescription for over a year before I had the nerve to take it.  I am on medications for depression, and the side effect warnings scared me.  But guess what, the only side effect that I'm having is stomach problems -- that I can deal with.  I never could dream before and now I'm dreaming--I love it.  I'm waking up feeling like I slept , which I never used to do.  I discovered this website by accident, and I hope it will offer support and others to talk to.  It's been tough because of the triggers that remind you it's time to have a cigarette, but I will not smoke again, and it's getting easier--I chew alot of gum.  I am an addict.  I smoked for over 40 years.  I quit one time for 6 years, and started up again because of stress.  I know I can't ever have a cigarette again, and that's ok.  Has anyone taken Chantix for the full 12 weeks, is it necessary to take it for this long?  I was wondering why the makers don't decrease the dosage as you get closer to the end of the 12 weeks.