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Hi Everyone,
Well, I'm smoke free for sixteen months...I did what I thought would be the impossible!! The fear, anxiety and remorse from the past, were all in my mind. I am strong to conquer all life's stresses without a cigarette! I'm not limping anymore....I stand on my own two feet without the crutch I had for 37 years. I can have a cup of coffee without it, I can talk on the phone without it and I can be with my friends without it. I'll never regret giving up that crutch. I enjoy today for each precious moment of life I've been given. My walks in the early morning are free from the gasping of breath I once had. I notice the world around me and appreciate the miracle of creation. The confidence I've acquired from success have allowed me to explore new ventures.....balancing and rounding out my life. I appreciate my blessings.

So, today I light my candles, share my cake and pour my wine with all of thanks for all the kind encouragement and support you have given me.