Not quite an EX yet...

Discussion created by gin on Jul 19, 2008
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Hi everyone! My quit date is July 28. I'm trying to set up everything so that I can SUCCESSFULLY quit this time.
I had quit for four years…and then a bombshell went off in my life – my husband left and filed for divorce. Well, I started smoking after that. That was two years ago. I’ve tried quitting half a dozen times since then but it hasn’t stuck. This time, I just need to quit. A few weeks ago, I came home after smoking & hanging out with friends. My chest felt heavy. I knew it was time to quit. I tried at least once to quit cold turkey, finished a pack and said that was it. Well, obviously, that didn’t last…at most it was a week smoke-free.
I’ve been planning this quit for almost a month now. I got my car detailed almost 3 weeks ago and haven’t smoked there since. That was one of my biggest triggers. Last weekend, I went to visit a friend who lives almost 45 minutes away. That drive was really rough without smoking but I survived so it’s definitely doable! I think I really have to gear myself for every challenge ahead or I’m destined to fail…and I don’t want to fail!
There are so many reasons for me to quit but a single thing that keeps me hooked.