Yesterday's Mistakes......

Discussion created by gmvirtual_gina on May 11, 2009
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...if we didnt make yesterday's mistakes - we would NOT be HERE today! "here" is good (even when it's tough) because it is part of a bigger plan!

Just some thought inspiring words to meditate on guys!!! Nothing that was done yesterday can be changed, fixed altered and has everything to do with who we are today!!

Today we are non-smokers. Some for moments, some for days, months, years and some aspiring to become....non-the-less we are all in this together!! Things in our past we regret......but can't change and wouldn't not be here together were it not for yesterday!!!

Share within your mind....your words to release yourself, forgive yourself for yesterday, then blow it away into the wind and start tomorrow new, fresh, lighter and ALIVE!!!!! ALIVE and non-smoker!!

To all of us.......YAY!!!

Today's challenge: Think your words to YOURSELF and Blow them AWAY...........!!!!!! SWOOSH....SWOOOOOSH.....Blow them away!!

POST your SWOOOSHES!!!!!!!! Let's all blow them into the wind & Celebrate our new lighter hearts in our smoke free clean yummy smelling worlds!!!!

YAY for me....YAY for US!~!