Exercise Facts: Steps, Distance, time, suggestions etc.....& Other cool Ideas!!

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Ok, let's use this dicussion to talk about facts about walking and exercising.....if you know or took the time to find cool stuff about walking or it here so we can come back to it and try new things.

Walk by Steps:
So I learned today if you like and use a pedometer there is one site that recommends 10,000 steps a day for weight management (& I suspect for those of us that haven't taken any steps...that this would include "weight loss")
On average in a normal active day most people take between 900 - 3000 steps a day.

10,000 steps a day is equivalent to 5 miles.= so 2,000 steps per mile
BUT - I suspect if you haven't walked at all in a long period of time...start with what your body can handle....and work up. These are just ideas and suggestions.
here is the resource on the 10,000 step suggestion:

Walk by Time:
For those of us not using a pedometer - here are some further helpful times to guage our walking by:
Here are some basic estimates, keeping in mind these would be for the average walker.

Walking slowly 20-25 min per mile
Walking Briskly 17-20 min per mile
Walking Fast 13-17 min per mile
Jogging 13-19 min per mile
Running 5-9 min per mile

also, if you would like, there are an average of 1760 to 2640 steps per mile.

So technically for those of us that want to walk 1 1/2 - 2 miles - if we walk at a normal pace for 40 minutes....we get our 2 miles and that same 40 minutes walking briskly gets us almost 3 miles!

Anyone else have some cool facts? Maybe something on Dancing, or bouncing or jumping or .....?