John 3:30

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He must increase I must decrease. I was born again on November 5, 1986 and just recently celebrated 30 YEARS on November 5,2016 walking with Jesus ONE day at a time ONLY by Gods grace I try to help others by sharing what was done for me by others believers reading the gospel of John for themselves just like it was suggested to me to do for myself. Not to just believe people to read the bible for myself and let the Holy Spirit teach me personally just like Jesus promised he would tell the Holy Spirit what Jesus has to tell ME personally. God has blessed ME with the Holy Spirit from Jesus and Jesus said the Holy Spirit would do all the inner and outer work in me and by believing Jesus  and obeying the Holy Spirit I am more Christ like day by day and Jesus MUST for me live his life through me by faith in him I thank God I ain't what I used to be and I thank God I am on my way. HOORAY FOR JESUS!!! John 3:30 is day by day in Jesus name amen