Prayers for families of the victims of plane crash 3407 near Buffalo NY

Discussion created by cazmataz on Feb 13, 2009
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Dear Friends,
Last night's plane crash happened less than a mile from my home. Could you please lift of the Clarence Center area in prayer as we struggle with the devastating loss of life. Please pray for the families of the victims. Last night God reminded me that he is in control. Last night about three hours before the crash I went to see a man name Nick who has a ministry called Life without Limbs. He was born without arms or legs. He was a dynamic speaker who talked about how God makes no mistakes and that we all have value. Toward the end of his message he shared what was a prophetic message. He told us you never know when Today will be your last and you will have no tomorrows. He urged us each day to live for Christ. An hour or so later the plane crashed. This should remind us how precious life is and how we should make every moment count. It should also spur us on to spread the good news of Jesus Christ!!! As I am writing this I am watching local newspeople crying as they explain what is going on. Please keep this community in your prayers!!! Wishing you many blessings!!!