I am doing this for my girls!!!

Discussion created by gina7 on Oct 2, 2008
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I have two days to go until my quit date. I have quit smoking twice before on Chantix and hope to do so again. I am at high risk for COPD and just watched a great friend die of cancer. He was a non smoker and non drinker. This made me feel very guilty for all of the bad things that I feed my body- and he never did. Just isn't fair! I know in my heart that if I don't quit- I will die of cancer! My children are 6 and 2 and mean more to me than anything in this world! My husband, Mike, is great and quit dipping one year ago. He is very supportive. I am going to post pictures of my children everywhere- so when I think of smoking I will remember why I want to quit. I have been preparing this day for myself for several months. I feel awful- and everything I do revolves around smoking. I love my children more than I love smoking!!!! On Sunday I am going to start imagining a beautiful woman raising my children and sleeping in my bed with my husband! HORRIBLE thought huh???? That image and thought is giving me the drive to want to quit! Anyway- I hope I can get on here Sunday for some encouragement- and get through the day! Good luck to all of you who are trying to quit- and have already quit. We all have the same purpose!